Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (IRS tax #72-1571614), seeks a more creative and fulfilling  world for both incarcerated and free citizens


Click title below to read or download screenplay selected. More are now being prepared for publication here. Please check back soon. Thank you for your donation that makes this publishing program possible.

Aberration by Bruce Sanford
Blood Kangs by Osvaldo Colunga
Spiritual Warfare by Larry Stromberg
Bobo and Alphabet by David Rexford
Black and Brown
by Darest Calhoun
The Bad Guy by Asherdon Holloway
Building ASSets by Black Madam
Shield of Faith by Travis Gauff
Theater of the Dead by Larry Stromberg
A Meeting With the Offender by Larry Stromberg
It Was a Wonderful Garden by Annita Kennedy 
Beyond the Dark Sea by Vincent Frazier
A Moment of Surrender by Luke Arabzadegan
The Second Planet by Ronald Stanley
Beast by Fabian Flores
New Jack City by Ronald Stanley
Molly by Ronald Stanley
The Dark Jedi's Secret Wars by Ronald Stanley
Mae/December by Thomas Ford
Shabazz a Shepherd of Peace by Ezell T. Glover Jr.
Inflammable by Otis Blaxton
The Making of Succotash by Bernard Jerry
Mel's Hole by Robert Martin
P.O.P. by Robert Martin
Voodoo Justice by Jawwaad Hasan
Camp Hardrock by Robert Martin
Life, Without by Robert Martin
Guns, Violence and Streetlights by Robert Martin
Lockdown Showdown by Otis Blaxton
Covetous by Hifiece Salters
Snatched Without a Trace by Joseph Poindexter
Tragedy Before Glory by Joseph Poindexter
The Ninth Life by Thomas Ford
Tuffy by A. D. McCoy
Soldier Kingdom by A. D. McCoy
Lockdown Showdown by Otis Blaxton
Run Guardian Run by Dane Toomey
And Laura Ran by Dane Toomey
Pray for A G by Lamond Garrett
Mad Klownz by A.D. McCoy
El Reglano by Yumil Perez
Done Deal: The Truth About the Kennedy Assassination by Adam Martin
Free to Good Home by Dane Toomey
Out of Time by Richard Sean Gross
Rectify by Ray McKinnon, Graham and Michael D, Fuller (see trailer above--full screenplay not available at the time. Complete episodes now available for instant viewing on
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