Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (IRS tax #72-1571614), seeks a more creative and fulfilling  world for both incarcerated and free citizens


Click title below to read or download poetry book selected written by imprisoned poet. Thank you for your donation that makes this publishing program possible.

Incarcerated: Spoken Words by the Artist Pia
More Poetry of a King by Charles Higgins
Works of Ink Blood by Baxton Dowdy
Sosa Unshackled by Julio Sosa
Emotional by Darrell Palmer
Love Conquers All by Hector Nava
Crooked Roads by Richard Anderson
Ex-Gangster Now a Strong Ordained Minister by Paul Garcia
Thoughts of Me by Alphonso Willis
A Collection of Autumn Musings by Michael Gibbs
Respect My Throne by Edward Laney
Convict Poet by Brandon Maxfield
Beautiful Adornments of Divine Splendor by Troy Moore
Mind Blowing Master Mind by Troy Erwin
Suenos de un Poeta by Alfredo Riquene
Serengeti by Donald Nelson
Incarcerated Minds Matter by Willie Coe
Ballad of Reason the Madman by Brandon Landreth
Emotions That Won't Let Me Be by Anthony Bolden
Rightly Divided Truth by Nathan Adams
The Light Within by Donald Nelson
Passionate Prison Poetry by David Summers
My Prison Cell Confessions by Branton Noojin
The Darkside of Light: Chronicles of a Broken Shell by Rashad El
A Hustler's Proverbs by Lawrence Taylor
Thoughts of an Incarcerated Brother by Robert McFadden
Chains of Freedom by Justin Strom
Author of the Book by Tylee Wilbur
Maestro's Odyssey by Augustus Simmons
Poetic Anthology by Michael Bryant
Novel, Art and Poetry by Maurice Wade
Keep It Pushing by Kaheal Parrish
Odes From Behind These Walls by James Branham
 Voices of the Oppressedby Tanner Cummings
Ghetto Proverbz by Michael Lovato
Unspoken Words of a Chosen One by Asia Cutler
Recidivist Turned Activist by Ron Baker
The Reality of a Spiritual Kind by Larry Jones
Expressions From the Echoed Souls Within by 
Tyrece Jefferson

Utterly Unexpected by Glenn Wheeler

Book by Purnell Nelson
Darkside Daydreams by Michael Marota
Opus: Collected Writings by William Morganherring
The Arcane of Love by Harry Page
Struggling 2 Survive by Cleveland Jones
Learning to Live, Living to Love by Kevin Marinelli
A Bended Mind by Conard Hargest !!!
Emotional Spells by Daryl Black
Poetry of a Felon by Antoine Roach
Seeker, Teacher, Poet, Preacher by Lewis Come
Black Poetry by Charles Paschal Jr
The Luxury of a Minds Slums
by Robert Villalobos llI
Courage by Brian Thacker
Quotes 365: Thought Provoking Quotes for Every Day of the Year by April Scales
I Am Not a Rapper by Darrell Palmer
Poetry From the Inside by Michael Wyffels
Disclosure by Charlie Harbert
Poems from a Prison Church by Jamar Russell
Passages to Now (Parts II and III) by Thomas Jewell Terry Lytle
Galopagos by Donald Nelson
Conative Positive by Dejon Turner
Ex-Gangmember Now a Poetrymember  Paul Garcia
Tangas y Rosas by Leandro Gonzalez
Kilimanjaro by Donald Nlson
Epiphany by Keith Hawkins
A Time My Thoughts Reminisced by Anthony Satham
The Thief on the Cross by Kevin Gardner
Blessing in Disguise
by Larry Hodges
The Heart and Soul of a Poet by Stanley Corbett Jr
Inspired by You Alone by Terrence Roundtree
The Pocket Size Book of Poems and Thoughts by Lavonte Maxwell
The Anthology of Poetry
by Michael Bryan
Croft's Poetry by Bertha Croft
A Voice Buried Alive by Edrick Williams, Jr.
The Christ Redeemed Our Sinful Souls by Karl Fenner
Raw Lines by Sheldon Thompson
From Criminals to Gods by Timothy Ross Jr.
Expressionism by Carlton Nobles
Within and Beyond by Thomas Jewell
Listen to Me by Baxton Dowdy
Fragments of a Dream by Gary Farlow
Know Me by Baxton Dowdy
Thoughts and Words by Troy Glover
An Inner City Diary: The Expressions of Many Faces by Larry Mays
Poetry by Douglas Badger
Poetry in Focus by Laustveion Johnson
Play With Fire on the Moon and Other Poems by Baxton Dowdy
Just for EWE by Kenneth Broussard
Out of the Blue: An Anthology by Benito Gutierrez
Amor by Kerry Roberts
Liberation of the Oppressed Soul
by Travis Blackmon
Dark Contemplations by Tony Vick
Wordless Black Poetry by Charles Paschal Jr
Forgotten Love by Carlton Jones
Mike? Mike by Michael Brown
Plugged in to Self by Darrell Palmer
Lucto Et Emergo by Jason Ramsey
Behind These Walls by Maurice Brown
Darkside Dreamscapes by Michael Marotta
JUSTICE: A Poetic Movement by Antoine LeBlanc
Troy's Poems by Troy Erwin
Someone Found Me by Jeffrey Harris
My Depth by Etta  Bavilla
Minority Verses the United States of America by Toby Moore
Oceanic by Donald Nelson
Poetry for Lovers Only by Andre Stuckey
Redwing Blackbird Sings: Poetry and More by Richard Morris
A Cross of Simplicity: Poems, Prayers and Interior Paths by Stephen Stoeltje
They Say I'm Bi-Polar (and a Lot of Other Things) by Terry Lytle
Grace & Gratitude: Three Books of Poetry by Thomas Jewell
If My Words Could Talk: A Prisoner's Heart by Lawrence Smith
What do You Think by Jarvis Harris
You Should Read This by Tyrone Cole II
What Is by Fontaine Baker
Some Rhymes from My Mind by Josiah Silveira
Raw Poetry by Roger Brooks
Warriors of the World  by Priscillia Ruiz
I Discovered Your Poetry by Antonio Collins
The Universe in its Mathematical Poet Order by Landon Reynolds
My Lady Poems by Lindsey Wilson
Poems and Short Stories by Bill Barnes
The Song of Adam by Derrick Allison
Breaking Free by Thomas Partlow
Pure Poetic Literature by Jonathan Barnes
Pages of a Poet by Rayvaughn Thomas
Words of the Wolf by Sammy Lupo
My Latest Inspiration: A Poetry Book of Spiritual Tradition by Tommy Taylor
Poetry From the Heart by Tammy Englerth
I'm Just Sayin' by Tamara Hinkle
Visit Room Kilo by James McLean
Chants and Poetry From the Author of All Confusion  by Daniel Gentry
Poems Written By a Convict by Brandon Maxfield
Get Money Poems by Akbar Douglas
Be Who You R by Mylvyn Johnson
The Hearts of Men by Donald Washington
A Collection of Sexy Poems by Robert Fisher
Another Great Little Book by Steven Umholtz
A Look into the Far Side of Prison by Edward Slavin
Being Time by Thomas Jewell
Look'n Down at My Feet by Vernon Conley
Jasper Stone by Harry Larkins Jr.
Black Royalty Empires by Keondra Chestang
Colors Locked in Stones of Gray by Jack Losee
Change Connected by Derrick Brown
Unchained Kings by Montreal Lyons
Prolog: An Odyssey Within Poetry by Michael Harvey C
Freedom Inside a Cage by Jesus Andrade
The Best Poetry Ever Written by Kenneth Eller
Unfolding Moments by Thomas Jewell
Connected Thoughts by James Adams
Life Changing Thoughts by Lance Triplett
White Rhinos by Donald Nelson
Stuckey Poetry and Music Anthology by Andre Stuckey
Readjustments by Dejon Turner
A Life in Pieces: An Anthology from the Cage by Jermaine Jackson
Voices in the Cellar by Damon Davis
Petillo Poems by Isaiah Petillo
The Everlasting Masquerade by Brandon Rankin
What's Due to a Lady by Jimita Dixon
Leap Year's Illusion by Miguel Munoz
RSVP Death by Richard Valenzuela
Poetic Reflections from Within by Ruben Rivera
Himalaya by Donald Nelson
Worlds in Collision by Dale Cletcher
Journey by Jack Branch
All of Me by Ocie Wright
Memoirs of a Gangsta by Jonathan Young
My Soul is in My Hand by Charles Williams
Poetry Slam by John Pinard
The J.E. by Travon Freeman
One Out of 25 by Marty Lemaster
Huntley Poems by Roderick Huntley
Nyaashann-Ra by Ashann-Ra
Neologism by Ronald Foster
Verbal Alchemy by Travis Larimer
A Thug's Cry by Damien Doxlet
Fruit of the Soul by Charles Bell
Panther's Buoy by Marcus West
Not Just Another Fucked-Up Poetry Book About Paris Hilton by Dave Wonnacott
Not Just Another Racist Poetry Book About Donald Trump by Dave Wonnacott
The Lock Smith of Love
by William Graham
The Book of Flavors by Michael Darnell
My Prison Progress by Albert Kuck
Can I Tell You a Story by William Graham
Violins and Bowling Pins by William Graham
The Curse of the Poverty Nightmare by Robert Barnes
Multiplicity of Emotionality by Nya Ashann-ra
The Mind of a Mad Man by Kenneth Barr
The Drip: The Poetry Chapbook by Calvin Kearney
Real Situations by Dewayne Durrett
A Cry in the Jungle by Dino Schwertz
A Cold Truth 1  and 2 by DaMarkus Higginbottom
The Savage Kind by William Graham
From Me 2 Ewe by Kenneth Broussard
Christian Songs/Poems of Thanksgiving
by Loretta Greer
Profound Penman by Aaron Smith
Catharsis by DeJon Turner
Walking in My Shoes by Jarvis Harris
Behind the Walls of Society's Solution by Robert Barnes
Inside the Mind of a Juvenile Lifer by Kenneth Meeks Jr.
The Absence of Love by Robert Gawne
Living in Transition by Samuel White
Different Views by Thomas Davis
Gleanings From Prison by Kevin Marinelli
Jukunichi by Thadeus Munson
Traumatized: Reflections of Life Through Poetry by Nicholas Corsentina
Jokes, Rhymes and More by Loretta Greer
Freeform Poems by Cory Runge
Pain Versus Strength by Akbar Jones
Captive Thoughts by Britney Gulley
by Arlington Heylingar
Prison Whine by William Andrews
Inocular by Dejon Turner
Muslim American by Antony Bell
I Am... by Tyler Hamilton
Mrs Purdy: Listen 2 Your Heart
by Jihad Purdy

Fire and Ice by Velvie Gibson
Secret of tha Poor Tree by Isaiah Petillo
This is Me by Tyler Hamilton
On Death and Dying by Stefan Crisbasan
Prison Dreams by Ronald Terelak
Collecting One's Thoughts by Luke Arabzadegan
For Lovers Only: The His and Her Collection by Anthony Harrell
Black Love by Deverick Scott
Poetry and Emotion by Lord Judah
Nevaeh by Dominique Holmes
Awake by Geoff Newman
The Gift by Oscar Bon
Blessing in Disguise by Larry Hodges
Poetic Words of Inspiration by Michael Williams
Direct Experiences Straight from the Heart by Jarvis Lee
A Prisoner's Poetic Expressions by Lance Sandifer
Spoken Word of Poetry by Christopher Parker
Love Sex Loyalty Juicy Booty Calls and Amazing Poetry by Andre Stuckey
Treisa by James Brown
Tears of the Soul by Arkino Snead
Poetic Romance Live!
by Michael Forrest
Asylum of the Mind by John Mitchell
Poems About My Life in Prison by Anthony Leslie
A Fall Into Enlightenment by Walter Weber
The Love Faith and Pain by Anthony Leslie
Holiday Expressions by Anthony Leslie
I Am Tommy Gunz by Thomas Accardi (to be published soon)
Exhale Again by David Hehn
Exhale by Lester Lewis Jr
A Brick in the Wall by Chad Merrill
Fighting the Corruption in the Midst of Arkansas Prisons and Court System by Deverick Scott
Heart of a Lion by Manuel Caruso
The Pain and Struggle by Christopher Parker
If Poetry was Lobotomy by Hakim Trent
Extended Grace by William Thorpe
Letters for Anna
by Antony Bell
Ramblings of a Madman by Darrell Jarvis
Black Sun by Johnny Jones
Country Songs, Country Poems by Shiloh Bryant
Tear Stains on My Pillow by Wilbert Saunders
Potential Love Poetry by Andre Stuckey
Dark Poet by Garret Worth
My Father's Son by Hall Cobb
Free Yourself by Kerry Roberts
Proverbs for the People by David Heln
Haiku From Possums Point of View by Jayson Willis
Beneath Breath Blessed Be 32 Sonnets by John Tyson
Weed-Seeds by Hal Cobb
Reagan's Poems by Robert Reagan
Potpourri by Stefan Crisbasan
Darkness Fell by Robert Hall
Elliott Jr's Book of Poetry and Song Choruses
by Da'Juan Burns
Collected Works by Andre Stuckey
The Jefferson Review Collection by Hal Cobb
A Mind With No Boundary
by Derrod Miler
Time Crafted Poetry by Jimmy Lowe
Potential Pussy by Andre Stuckey
True Realism Opposing Oppression by La'Marcus Hayden
Tu Eres Mi Amor by Robert Meadows
Reason and Rhyme by Barry Bledsoe
Saying Goodbye by Steven Griffin
The Vineyard by Delbert Williams
A Great Little Book by Steven Umholtz
Queen of the Hills by Johnny Miles
Potential Poetry in Motion by Andre Stuckey
Teardrops from a Rose
by Gernard Chestnut
Heart 2 Heart by Kordy Rice and Michael Bell
Rhyme and Reason by Barry Nunez
Corpus from Columbia: A Prisoner's Poetry Collection by Jeffrey Davis Jr.
A Brain in Chains by Levon Davis
The Chronicles of Love and Relationships by Robert Watkins
Things to know So You Can Grow by Joshua Moseley
Potential Intellectual Poetry by Andre Stuckey
Thug Passion
by Gernard Chestnut
Potential Sexy Poetry by Andre Stuckey
Potential Divine Poetry by Andre Stuckey
Dream Lover by Sterling Brower
Eclectic Euphonious Redloh by Glenn Holder Sr
Mind of a Lost Child by Troy Smith
Prison Love Trials by Anthony Barnhill
Poem by Charlie by Charlie Leverette Jr.
Words From the Hood: From a Thug to a Gangster to a Man by Dante Hayes
Top Ramen Soup by Velvie Gibson
Delusions of Sanity by Travis Larimer
The Golden Opportunity by Jaharee Charles
Potent Poetry Classics by Andre Stuckey
Boiled Skunk Anus with My Danish by Isaiah  Johnson
Not Too Blind to See by David Helm
Kentucky Bred by Robert Meadows
Apocalypse No Sonnets by Stefan Crisbasan
Dear Abby by Gary Robinson
Potential Poetry Classics by Andre Stuckey
Hieroglyphic Poetry by John Ortis
28 Phases of the Moon by Jerome Olivas
Magnum Opus by Christopher Jones
A Book of Books by John Minarik
Dream of a Convict by Christopher Jones
Book of Poetry for All Occasions by Clarence Roberson
Poetry of a Gangster by David Simms
Sixteen Years Old by Joa'Danus Olivas
Death College or Prison by Christopher Jones
Scattered Pieces by Anthony Harrell
Ronin's World by Troy Glover
Serenity Poems by Stefan Crisbasan
Our Soul Spirit is a Star of Love by Tyrece Jefferson
Lyrically Poetic by Bradley Lewis
Jail Rock by Krishna Swamy
Portuigal Reign by London Fergusion
My Book of Poems by Anthony Teague
Poetry? by Oliver Shelton
In Search of the Truth
by David Hehn
How Do You Fix a Bleeding Heart? by Freddy Morales
Judging Our Laws by Ezell Glover Jr.
Handwritten Poems from Prison by Jevon Jackson
Poems from the Deepest Soul by Dante Mays
For Lovers by David Perryman
Thoughts of an Insular Mind by Mika'el Brodie
Exact Change by Rob Workman
Uprising of a Mad Man by Freddy Morales
Life, Love and God by Jerold Olsen
How Big Your God Is by Harlan Richards
A Few Words by Raymond Stewart
Poems and Lyrics by Rick Ryan
Silent Reminiscing by Edward Corliss
Desert Poet by Dale Cletchen
Field of Dragon Flies by Joshua Vinson
Never Cast Jewels Among the Swine by Shawn Smith
Ilene's Libido Island of High Gear Liberation Lovers by Michael Forrest
Acrostic Prison Poems by Cory Runge
Friendship, Apologies and Sexual Content by Steven Griffin
Religious and Darkside Poems by Steven Griffin
Love Poems by Steven Griffin
Prayer Poems and Psalms from Prison by Cory Runge
A Spiritual Poem Book by Cory Runge
Sisters and Leaders by Tyrece Jefferson
Legend of the Mind by Richard Atkins Jr.
Inside My World by Johnny Green
What Prison Teaches by Harlan Richards
Perception by Luis Villegas
New Man by Thomas Sampson
The Essence of Bees Among Flies by Keith Pertusio
A Day in the Mind of Meadows by Robert Meadows
Tempus Edax Re Rum by David Horn
Gone Mad for All the Right Reasons by David Hehn
The Love for My Cindy by Thomas Curtician Jr.
The Heart and Mind of an Endangered Species by Thellas Sanders III
Simple Enough by Christopher Shelatree
No Air by Johnny Mahaffey
White Lightning by Robert Meadows
The Poetic Work of K.C. by K.C. Rauch
Think Tank by Billy Driver
Incarcerated Vision by La'Marcus Hayden
Unseen Nor Felt by Estevan Tabaldo
Who's Listening? by Les Dillon
Auspicious Millennium by Billy Driver
Words From My Soul by Leon Little
Thoughts Behind These Walls by Richard Souders
Thea Unspoken by Anthony Tabaldo
In the Moment of the Eye by London Ferguson
Yahweh Y.K.G.
by Maximo Arango
Autographed Posthumous by Anthony Tinsman
To My Friends by Eliezer Almodovar
More From the Caged Heart by Michael Dilworth
Emotional Ramification by Brandon Stinson
Pure Intentions by Kevin West
My Ghetto Gospel by Eric Hodges
Hues of Incarceration: A Poet's View by Alfred Brooks
Poems From the Fatherless Child by Robert Clayton
The Beauty Behind the Bars by Lusteveion Johnson
Something You Can Feel by Russell McCoy
Keep Out, Boys Only Poetry
by Brian Brown
From the Caged Heart One by Michael Dilworth
Voices from the Silence by Alfred Brooks Sr.
Ali the Warrior Poet by Lausteveion Johnson
A Caged Poet That Didn't Know It by Brian Brown II
The Poetry of a King by Charles Higgins
A Spoken Word Compilation from Behind the Wall by Curtis Btaxton
To the Women in My Life by Tawl Feeg
Gospel of  the Book by Danto Palomino
Grandson Greatest Gift by Rodney Scott Sr.
The Poetry Workshop: 2013 by Harold Davis, Ed.
Raw Feelings: Writings from Death Row by Kevin Marinelli
Elie's Poetry by Eliezer Almodovar
Poeta Y Loco by Yumil Perez
Open Up Your Heart by Bobby Brown
Rastafari by Rosha Bennett
Tear of a Black Pen by Elijah Boyd
Country Versatility by Robert Meadows
To Heaven by Stanley Corbett Jr.
The True Heart of Love by Thomas Partlow
The Poetic Spurts of Garland's Growth by Thomas Garland
Undoubtedly Beautiful: The Poetry of a Lost Boy by Hifiece Salters
Poetry Collection of G.G. JaMario by Michael Ange
Life Essentials by Felton Matthews Jr.
Maniac in the Soul: Twenty-Nine Poems by Harlan Richards
Interior Design by Ernest Colyer
A Cold Soldier by Roberto Olivas
Tormented by Jayson Willis
Why Does the Caged Man Scream by Clarence McCants
Incarcerated Tears by Hakeem Butler
Words From a Thoughtful Soul by Roberto Olivas
Excerpts of Writings by Clarence Gipbsin
Writings From the Belly of the Beast by A. D. McCoy
Seductive, Elicit, Sensual and Mind Boggling by Robert Graham Jr.
Love, Lust, Infidelity, Lies by Robert Graham Jr.
Whore Getter Pimp Scooter by Anthony Tinsman
Put the Pieces Together by Maurice Mathis
If U Only Knew
by Johnathan Adams
Em Daer by Nate Lindell
Gangsta;s Movin' by Anthony Godfrey
Forbidden Fruit by James Harvey
Celebrity Women Fantasized About by Robert Graham Jr
Love and Sex by Robert Graham Jr
In the Eyes of Cush by Robert Cook Jr.
POW by Robert Cook Jr.
My Life My Pain by Mark A. Bonilla
Fondly Endangered Winter 2013
A Spiritual Dilemma by James E. Harvey
Peace Poems by Al B. Korb
Poet Land by Vincent Johnson 
Our king II by Al B. Korb
Cret Sanigns by Michael J. Rigby
U Heard It From Me by Al'Jonon Coleman
Is Anyone Home by David Perryman
The Imperfections by Antonio Hart
The People's Budget Balance by Michael Forrest
Cushite Haiku by Robert Cook Jr.
Prophetic Poems by Robert Graham Jr.
Spoken Word by Anthony Godfrey
Poetry Time by Raymond Evans
Genesis by Richard Woodham
Handwritten by London Ferguson
Usurp Verb English by London Ferguson
Sweet 16 by London Ferguson
Choices: It's Your Life by Don W. Johnson
Pause by the Pavilion by Robert Reagan
The Poetry That Love Knows by Barry Freeman
Incarcerated Stew and Other Poetry by London Ferguson
Gospel Poetry by Vernon Walker
by Ja'mar Manard
Why the Prisoner Only Writes Love Poems by Jevon Jackson
To Know Love by Lionel Dixon Jr.
Words of the Wise by Lionel Dixon Jr.
A Brown Sugar Good-Bye for Her and I by Chris Lewis
Serenity by Stefan Crisbasan
My Love for You by Stefan Crisbasan
Fondly Endangered by Michael Forrest
The Unfolding Experience by Darryl Patton
Prompted in Prison: A Collection of Poetry and Prose by Angela Avery
Expressions of Expression by Curtis Braxton
Kaos in Motion by Kenneth Gilbert Garcia Jr.
Jesus My Life by Stefan Crisbasan
The Pollen of a Lone Flower by Samuel Chapman III
Poetry as Art by Jonathan C. Holeman
My Rhyme Book by Mark Nixon
Freedom From Inside by Stefan Crisbasan
Something Beautiful by E.L. Balance II
Reverberattii Interioare bt Stefan Crisbasan
About Love by E.L. Balance II
Divine Expressions by Derick Tebo Cooper Jr.
A Solitary State of Mind by Shane Barnett
The Haunting Poems
by John Raley
Conversation Along the Way by Kevin D. Pelzer
Poems and Pictures by Sean Anthony Riker
The Candy Store by Wes Drinkard
Compromised Illusions by Robert Fisher
Thoughts Inside the Matrix by Steven "Quardree" Bleau
A Pile of Pens by Nicolas A. Saperstein
Worthy of Love by Eugene L. Ballance II
As Great as the Master by London Ferguson
The Poetry of an Ordinary Man and Other Compiled Writings by Steven M. Crutchfield
A Poetic Journey of Loss, Despair and Hope by John Raley
My Dreams by Etta M. Bavilla
Woman You Are Poetry by Charley C. Murtry Jr
Awake, Atman, Return to Vaikuntha by Michael L. Bonie
Selected Verse and Lyrics by Nathaniel Allen Lindell
Legacy by John Griffin
The Poetic Journey in Mid-Life by John Raley
The Inside View: Jailhouse Poems by David A. Dobbs
Expression of Love by Deeck Cooper Jr
Around the Lantern by London Ferguson
Dragon Tears by London Ferguson
Poetical Poeticism by Dan Mitchell
Imagine That by Dushann Gillum
Truth: SAT Unshakable Being by John Bradin
Sanity Somewhere by Nicolas A. Saperstein
Long Lives Ceecee's Essence of Sweet Inspiration by Ronald Lee Smith
Plato of Genisis by London Ferguson
The Memoir of a Street Thug Trapped in Prison by Mark Nixon
What is It You See? by Michael Anthony Savard
A Day of Thanks by Leroy Reed
Dan's Poetry by Danny K. Garrison, Jr
The Writings of the Lunatic Minded by Edward A. Thomas
The Beautiful Enigma by Robert N. Nicholas

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