Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (IRS tax #72-1571614), seeks a more creative and fulfilling  world for both incarcerated and free citizens


Click title below to read or download play selected. More plays are now being prepared for publication here. Please check back soon. Thank you for your donation that makes this publishing program possible.

I Don't Want to Throw My Life Away
by Nicholas Akerele
The Dystopian Hermit Monk: Poetry and Drama in One Act by Paul Swehla
Life Behind the Razor Wire
by Larry Stromberg
Men's Training by Daoud Boone
Life Behind the Razor Wire by Larry Stromberg
Birth of a Salesman by Donald Hooker
The Legend of John Crow by Matthew Mendoza
Life Without the Possibility of Parole by Donald Hooker
Fathers and Sons by Donald Hooker and Mohammed White
Plays on African American Royalty by Kenneth Barr
I Am a Champion by Marcus Monger
Second Chance by Larry Stromberg
Broken Records by Eddie Floyd !!!
The Voice of the Victim by Larry Stromberg
The Refuge of the Condemned: Original Plays by Larry Stromberg
Google by Ronald Stanley
The Making of a Strong Woman by Jimmy Brigham
A Homeless History Lesson
by Gary Farlow
Safe Streets by Thadeus Munson
What's Going On by Eric George
A Prison Administration's Hate Crimes by Willie Worley Jr
Facing the Old You by Keith Nesbitt
Loving the Image by TyJuane Pridgen
Money Talks by Ezell Glover Jr
Living Above Our Emotions by Michael Johnson
Let Us Take Back Our Community by Walter Travis
Fasting for Justice, Fighting for Freedom by Rocco Ranallo
An Unusual Usual Day by Stefan Crisbasan
A Hypocrite's Revelation by Toola Taylor
Who are You by Alexander Campbell
Dilemma by Bernard Jerry
Going Home by Alexander Campbell
The Trinity Bond by Antwan Jackson
The Family Dream by Howard Lieberman
Prometheus by Sean White
The Legend of the Red Dragon by Timothy Martin
Street Dreams by Omar Ali-Sistrunk
Lessons by Jason Cooper
Bringing Color to a Black Existence by Jerold Olsen
Sex Ed by Craig Elias
Into the Pit by Craig Elias
The New Scarlet Letter by Felton Matthews Jr.
King by Stephen Knight
More Precious Than Jewels by Mary Yarbrough
The Confidential Act by Steven Almeida
Sabotage by Jason Agresti
An Appeal to Life by Benito Gutierrez
Perryman by David Perryman
Your Honor by Jermaine Webb Sr.
Ugly by David Perryman
The Mystic Prisoner by Clarence A. Gipbsin
Measure by Jermaine Archer
Prea by Patricia Prewitt
Lights, Camera, Analyn by Rafael Vasquez
Murderers by Patricia Prewitt
The Plot by Patricia Prewitt
Sressed Out! by John J. Hines and Jornay Rechurnd Rodriguez
Faces by Betty May
Clarity by Patricia Prewitt
Tuesdays With Mortie by Inmates of Wabash Valley CF
Subway by Damien Phillips
Yinzers by Craig Elias
The Kids Don't Stand a Chance by Craig Elias
The Meaning of Life by Sean J. White
Medea by David Michael David
Hoovering Spirits by Marcus J. Bedford Jr.
Sandy Footprints by Daniel Guthrie
Caged Hearts by Lionel J. Manigault
Do I by Jason Cooper
Broken by Michael A. Savard
Santa Claus is Coming to the Hood by Rameses Williams
Mothers Missing by Jordyn Cahill

Homeless for the Holidays* by Gary Farlow
A Prison Carol* by Gary Farlow
Making Amends by Dane Toomey
The American by Paul Ferguson and John Kelly

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