Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (IRS tax #72-1571614), seeks a more creative and fulfilling  world for both incarcerated and free citizens
Nonfiction Books

We publish nonfiction books which you can read or download free by clicking the title below:
Self Help in Prison: A Complete Prison Correspondence Program Curriculum by Bruce Michael
Being Issued a Rifle Doesn't Make You a Grown-Up by J.R. Duncan
Principle of Life by Dimitry Smirnov
Safeguard Your Children from People Like Me by Luis Almario
Million Dollar Burglars by Bryan Hiser
Resentencing: Betrayal of a Child by Ricardo Noble
Condemned by the Church for Confessing Christ by Steffan Chrisbasan
Fact Versus Church by Ernest Woods
I Freed Who? by Jimmie Stephen
A State-by-State Comparison of Sex Offender Registry Restrictions by Jeffrey Nichols
Trinity by Steve Morgan
Highly Misunderstood by Montreall Banner
I Thank You, Yah'Weh by Travontay Adamson
Injustice and Exoneration by Bobby Hazel
Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles by Chance McGuire
Manifested by Kenneth Padgett
When God Doesn't Answer by Brodrick Nelson
A Civilized Monster by Kevin Mitchell-El
Dead Man's Switch by Eric Pepke
Degeration XIV by Pedro Sanchez
The World's Greatest Money Making Scams by Robert Wilson
Unit 16 by Douglas Wood
The Ordeal (Part 1) and Part 2 by Michael Harris
Reaching Out from Within by Daniel Poston and James Wilson
The Secret Designed Persecution or Can All This Be a Bunch of Coincidences? by Ederick Fabricio
Divine Liberty by Antonio Ripley
Angels of the Dawn: Demythifying the Devil by Don Lang
Vision by Mark Giles
Rise Up by Mario Valenzuela
The Inscriptions by Brandon Prout
Neither Hee Nor There by Brad Bingaman
Jonas Anthology 2018 by William Jonas III
End Times Fun Times by James Bauhaus
Pathways to the Pathless: Illuminations, Inspirations, Perspectives and Teachings by Thomas Jewell
U B the Judge by Belmont Player
Politics and Paychecks Versus Indigent and Accused by William Cuozzo
Zell Anthology by Michael Zell
Crossroads: Silent Voices No More by Donzell Rosenberg
H-Grail by Demitrius Stokes
The Missing Subject: An Education Study Booklet by Ocie Wright Jr
It Takes Finance to Uplift a Nation by Raymond White El
Role Playing Game: Core and Bestiary by James Griffin Jr
Redhanded: Lies, The FBI, Prosecutorial Misconduct, and Judicial Misconduct by James Mozie
Super Women Word Search by Mark Kentish
The Plot by Colby Foss III
Theoretical Pieces: Thinking Your Way Through by Michael Belgrave and Kenneth Cannon
Stories from Prison by Stefan Crisbasan
The Book of Holy Death by Benjamin Foster
Quotes of a Convicted Man by Glenn Jefferson
Chameleon Tales by Darrell Jarvis
Articles Written by Michael Balzarini
The Mirror Experience by Michael Bryant
God Rewards the Strong by Raymond White El
Not Arrested But Resurrected by Tracey Manley
Five Books by Kenneth Barr
Doctrine and Ethics of a Seeker by Augustus Enoch
Good or Evil by Brandon Tran
The System by Anthony Tate
Short Word Mnemonics by Daniel Peterson
Angels of the Dawn by Don Lang
The King James Version of the Holy Bible Unsealed by James Hall
Bartlett Writings by Robert Bartlett
The New Age Vegetarian Diet by Alexis Osborn
Plantation Voices from Behind the Wall by Bryan Ransom
Thee Inoculation by Lawrence Taylor
Return to Sender: Letters to Stephanie by Michael Abuiso
Planting the Seeds Two Times Makes it Complete by Tyrone Walker
Junkyard Dogs by Darrell Jarvis
Hail Mary by Demitrius Stokes
The Success Plan by Steven Prentice
Weber Anthology by Charles Weber
Bless the Lord, O My Soul by Antoine Murphy
Soon as I Get Home by Michael Allen
Political and Scientific Notes by Daniel Gentry
Letters From Prison by Stefan Crisbasan
The Comforter by Ronald Mazique
John Armey Legal Books Anthology by John Armey
The Monster Factory by Jeremy Robinson
The Last Days by Kenneth Boutwell.
Jesus Christ the Warrior by Steven White
Make Millions and Catch a Killer: A Nonfiction Anthology by James Bauhaus
!00 Morals and Values a Kid Should Grow Up With by Gabriel Ochoa
Thriving in the Real World by John Whittington
Freight Train to Hades by Darrell Jarvis
Shut Up and Dies by Edward Williams
Book of the Gods by Dennis Mintun
I Am Iconoclast by Jeremy Taylor
Nothing But the Truth...So Help Me God by Lonnie Johnson Jr
Plus Lessons From the Interior Cipher by Wilberto Belardo
The University of USP Leavenworth by Roderick Penny
Dreaming of Kaoz Again by Travis Winters
Changes by Frederick Cooper
Tribulation by Joseph Stanley
Dear Momma, Closer to the Truth by Kenneth Cannon
Number of the Beast: Mt. Putin Revealed by Christopher Gerlach
Sermons from Prison by Stefan Crisbasan
More Letters from Solitary by Dane Wonnaott
Samantha, I Am Ready for Love by Searon McFarland
Heretic Witchcraft ATD by John Auletta
I Just Wanna Write by Omar Wilkins-bey
Diary of a Dog by Mark Perry
X-Code by Demitrius Stokes
K.A.G.E. by William Brown Jr.
The Streets Lied and We Believed by Davon McNeil
Schematiks by Demitrius Stokes
Corruption Ohio by Aaron Jones
The Truth is Steven Griffin
The Secret of King Solomon's Calendar and the Holy Calendar by Joseph Kriz Jr,
Though Scratched Off I Believe in I by Elias Cruz
Book of Knowledge by Christopher Freeman
Pyramid Cluster Words Puzzle Book by Anjela Smith
More ABBA by Robert Bartlett
Truly Redefine Yourself: A Story of Brotherhood by Marty LeMaster
I With Diary
by Oscar Bon
Stuckey Enterprise: The Billion Dollar Company by Andre Stuckey
Pappy Lives in the Big House by John Gerholt
Angels of the Dawn by Don Lang
The Journey, the Journal, the Year My Sister Passed by E. Iverson
Potential Potpourri and How 2 Change by Bruce Michaels Jr.
What I Want for My Brothers by Ladarius Jones
Five Self-Help Publications for Prisoners by Bruce Michaels Jr.

Does God Hate Black People? by Raymond White
Conscousizm: Inner Enlightenment Manual by Aaron White
Think and Blink by Joseph Moore
Ten of 10 by James Wilson
Sacramento, 95817: A Cognitive Retrospective by Mark Sanders
Real Talk by DeAndre Willieams
Cops and Robbers Word Search by Mark Kentish
How to Survive Prison by John Pinard
Message to the White Female by Raymond White
Autumn Air: Crow by Joshua Vinson
Erosian Mythos by Dennis Mintun
Walking in Numbered Pictures by Lorenzo Latimer
The Perfect Disease by Douglas Wood
The Light by Thomas Moody
Collected Writings Vol 1 by William Carnell
Collected Writings Vol 2 by William Carnell
Reflections of a Convict Serving Life in Prison by Mario Valenzuela
The American Holocaust: United States Injustice System by Shannon Copeland
More Beautiful Black Sex Secrets by Rick Bryan
The Pump Up Workout Word Search by Mark Kentish
The Making of a Strong Man by Jimmy Brigham
Train Up A Child by Robert Bartlett
Visions in Time by Darrell Jarvis
Timely Insights Into John's Revelation: Introducing the Cosmic Cyclic Calendar by Kevin Bullock
Letters From Solitary: Just Killing Time by Dave Wonnacot
Why I Dislike Nigga(er)s by Raymond White El
Sorry...For What? by Frederick Irby
The Creator's Hidden Name Revealed by John Lanclos
How to Publish by Mark Kentish
Background Check! by James Buahous
Escaping Shirley's World Again by Charles Diorio
Entrepreneur Starthps and Late 2015 Memoir
by Andre Stuckey
The Value of the Cookie by Kenneth Hogan
What If You Could Achieve Spiritual Maturity by Gerald Duplechain
The Saviour of the West Memphis Three by Steven McArthur
Beware: The Book of Knowledge by Raymond White
Delicious Recipes to Enjoy by Andre Stuckey
Prison Life: My World in the Hellish Florida Prison System by Shannon Copeland
Still I Rule by Craig Reed
How to Educate While Incarcerated Using the Bare Essentials by Barry Nunez
Angels of the Dawn by Don Lang
The Will to be Free from the Mechanical Bear by William Petty
Fundamentals of the African-Arabian Language by Askia Ashanti
I Love You to the Moon and Back...I Picked You Up a Star Along the Way
by Jeffrey Ray
Police State Mutates! by James Bauhaus
You're the Jury and Donovan Incident by Samuel Dixon
666: Count the Number of the Beast by Christopher Gerlach
6-0 Kings (Chessing) by Derrick Gibson
JT's Story of Justice Denied by James Terry
The Wicca Tree: Shadows of the Auric's Witchcraft by John Auletta
Cop Culture by James Bauhaus
Down Ocqueoc Road by Darrell Jarvis
The Great Promise-Keeper by Sherman Davis
Dragonfly Awakening by Joshua Vinson
The Book of the Magi by Dennis Mintun
Before Orange was the New Black: The Camp Hill Story by Derrick Gibson
Vincent Frazier's Elements by Vincent Frazier
Decarceration: Thoughts From a VA State of Mind by Haakim Trent
Your Consumer Guide to Buying Meat
by Ray Borden
The Practical Guide to Unifying Our New Afrikan (Black) Family Structures by Ralph Taylor
Inside the Man Brain
by K. Rice and J. Manard
The Natural Continuity of  Discrete Driftwood by Michael Bonic
Refined and Refurbished by Christopher Reece
Enemies of Justice by John Banos
Unauthorized Intel! by James Bauhaus
The Truth by Antjuan Cox
Get a Grip on Your Game by Robert Restivo
More Broken Elbow by Ronald Bartlett
Scottfree by Daren Williams
A Search for Justice in Texas: The Truth by Michael Griffith
My Unique Revelation Concerning Prophecy and Armageddon's Timing by James Hall
Secular Theocracy and Death Worship by Brandon Howard
Potential Sexy Chronicles by Andre Stuckey
Potential Recipes to Crave by Andre Stuckey
ABBA Journal by Andrew Bartlett Sr., Editor
Flipping Rocks by James Bauhaus
More Gods in Our Time by Harold Yaritz
SHU Term by Michael Gonzales
More Bread, Less Circus by James Bauhaus
You Be the Judge: The Case of Samuel Dixon by Allen Thomas
Something You Need to Know About the Last Days by Donald Phelps
Swindlers at Law by James Bauhaus
Malicious Prosecutions Incorporated: Indictment by Michael Forrest
Theater of the Mind: Thoughts, Ideas, Reflections by Toola Taylor
Life on Death Row by Mark Twilegar
Journey to the Farther Shore of the Viraja River by Michael Bonic
The Broken Elbow Archives 2012-2013 by Robert Bartlett Sr, Ed.
Tribute by Sean Riker
Correcting Oklahoma by James Bauhaus
Girls Play Pain by Rick Bryan
Messages from Prison by David Perryman
War is Good for Nothing by Dino Schwertz
Suspicion Lies by Dino Schwertz
The Beginning, the Creation and the Immortal Body by Alfredo Companioni
50 Shades of Sexual Violence, Part 1 by Phillip Wilcoxson
50 Shades of Sexual Violence, Part 2 by Phillip Wilcoxson
Secrets About Men in Prison and Why Women Choose Them by Gerald Wright
Can't We All Just Wake the Hell Up?
by James Bauhaus

Dirty Rotten Criminals by James Bauhaus
The Voice of a Crack Addict by Cory Runge
Illusions of the Game by David Perryman
LAMPS: Look At My Prison Staff by Gerrard Jones
The Literary Vault of Vernon Nelson by Vernon Nelson
Muslim Mormon Koran by Robert Robinson
Letters from Prison by David Perryman
Short, Arduous Journals by James Bauhaus
The Strangeness of It All by Timothy Bazrowx
The Rez Dog, Lonesome Sam by Rick Berg III
The Manipulated and Manipulative by Jamaar Melon
Sex, Secrets and Nashville by Rick Ryan
Gods in Our Time by Harold Yaritz
True Prison Stories by Ernest Jack
Byzantine Dew by Stefan Crisbasan
The Golf Guy: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect by Robert Restivo
Social Pragmatism by James Bauhaus
How to Cook Out in Prison by Luis Villegas
The Young Black Gentleman by Felton Matthews Jr.
Love, Sex and Homelessness in the 1990s by Felton Matthews Jr.
Hell on Earth
by Brian Baxter
The Audacious Sacrifice from the Death Watch by Richard Tabler
Becoming Enlarged Thru God's Spirit in Christ, in Us by Troy Spencer
Sex, Money, Murder by Wilberto Belardo
In Between Two Angels or Strangers by Butch Corliss
Short But True Sex Stories by Rick Bryan
Michael Angel Michael Bonds by Michael Forrest
Illywhacked by William Montez
The Sexiest Social Service Technician by Michael Forrest
A World Without Why by William C. Crabbe
God is Killing Me by Thellas Sanders III
To Protect and Serve the Unborn by James Knepp
Sun...Darkness...Moon...Blood by Christopher Gerlach
The Kingdom of Erotes by Dennis Mintun
Destiny by Perry Patterson
ABBA Journal Volume 1 by Robert Bartlett Sr.
Steps Towards Freedom by Patrick Pearson
Evrika by Stefan Crisbasan
Freedom From Deceptions by Ray Aguirre
Laughs From the SHU by Walter Allen
Georgia Style by Joel Cliett
Help's Most Wanted: Techniques for Today's Urban Fiction Writer
by Trevor Austin
Learning Polish Can Be Both Fun and Rewarding by Steven Lukowich
Chanting on a Wild Beach During Karttika Rains: A Karma-Yogi's Journal by Michael Bonc
The Firehouse Journals by Alan Courtney
Crime: The Offender Solutions by Alfred Brooks
If and the Evidence by Howard Traylor
Who Said a Christian Should Be Poor by Michael Hunt
The Emperor Has No Clothes by Omar Ali-Sistrunk
The Broken Elbow Archives 2009-2012
by Robert Bartlett Sr.
Faith Based: A Prisoner's Journal of the Faith and Character Based Program by Joseph Apgar
Ambition as a Ridah: From Street Dreaming to Living Nightmare by Demetrics McCauley
Words in Flight by Jermont Cox
Texas Death Row Critic Throw's Prison Officials Under the Bus by Richard Tabker
The Autobiography of Love by Felton Matthews Jr.
Innocent's Guide to Avoiding False Conviction by James Bauhaus
The Prison Softball Diaries by Craig Elias
State Stock Under Corporate Lock by Michael Forrest
Trouble Life by Michael Landers
The James Wiley Prison Project by James Wiley
Who, What and Why by Ronald Halkman Jr (coming soon)
La Revancha by Yumil Perez
The Watchman Prophecy by William Knowles
Technological Conspiracy by Vincent Johnson
Incarceration by Richard Bailey
What You Can't Do....Shouldn't Stop You From What You Can Do! by Eugene Youngblood
It's Never Just One Thing by Beau Hansen
Submerged by Sheena King
Diplomatic Negotiator by Clarence Gipbsin
The Crucifixion by Matthew Johnson
Pennsylvania Imprisons Blacks at Highest Rate by Leonard Jefferson
Sayings in Christ, Book II by Stefan Crisbasan
Consequences of Apathy by James Bauhaus
Sayings in Christ by Stefan Crisbasan
So You May Be Going to Jail and/or Prison by Bill Carey
Dreams are Not Made of Stone by David Lusik
A Good Man is Not Hard to Find by Hifiece R. Salters
Biography of a Little Girl by Jonathan C. Holeman
Death by Deception by Samuel Barlow
Perpetual Memory by Samuel Barlow
Letters to My Imprisoned Father by Darrin Sobin
Set Up: A True Story of Government Corruption and the Framing of an Innocent Man by Adam Martin
Comfort to the Capital by Robert M. Reagan
Dispelling Illusions: A Prisoner's Journal by Michael L. Bonic
Tolerance by Larry Jager
Never Ending Nightmare by Larry Harris
Term by Michael Gonzales
Life in the Notorious Supermax by Sean Anthony Riker
On the Run, Having Fun by Sean Anthony Riker
Malicious Prosecutions Incorporated by Michael Forrest
New Look at Joe DiMaggio by Gene McCann
Solving Resistance/Impedance Network Values by Paul Schlueter III
Original Guitar Audio Designs by Paul Schlueter III
Innocent Criminal by Sean Riker
Sound Shaping: A Primer for Live-Sound Technicians by Paul Schlueter III
Erie, Pennsylvania's Betrayal of Child by Ricardo Noble
Islam: The Misunderstood Religion by Minister Khalil
The Young African American's Survival Guide by Kenneth West
No Holds Barred by Samuel Barlow
Frank: A Book for Women...About Men by Michale J. Anderson
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