Prisons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (IRS tax #72-1571614), seeks a more creative and fulfilling  world for both incarcerated and free citizens


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Bustout: The Life and Times of an Escape Artist by Frankie Lee Bass
The Ordeal by Michael Harris
A Dysfunctional Family by Brett David
Sir Rap-a-Lot Foundation by Thelton Polk
Double Addiction by Richard Schmitz
Never Surrender by Steven Bennett
The Chronicles of 6-Shot by Vincent Corson
My Story by Gary Peoples
Starflower: An Incarcerated Father's Memoirs and Letters to His Daughter by Carlos Garcia
When Darkness Falls Over Magik Alaska by Jason Banks
Half a Chance by Zacharae Lowe
On Jail: The Essays by David Lawrence
Vegas Breed by Christopher Patterson
The True Real Story in the Bing Bang by Imari Butler
How to Start a Business With Little or No Money: True Stories of Success by John Stanley
Guilty Until Proven Innocence by Scott Zirus

Horsley's Anthology by Anthony Horseley Jr
This is Not a Hood Novel by Kenneth Cannon
Written Upon
by Isaac Fountain

The Makings of Me by Lacy Hernandez
The Dark Archives of the Black Madam by Victoria Windslowe
No Money, No Justice by Sammie Denson Jr.
Inside the Fire: My Prison, Your Praise by Larry D. Morris Jr.
Wanderlust: The Making of an Errant Teenager by Jeffrey Watson
True Story by Von Tyler Jr.
Game Master by Armando Tavares
Letter 2 My Unborn Children
by Samir Moses
Driven From Freedom by Ray Thompson
The Streets Made Me by Keith Candler
I Come as I Am by Virgil Griffin
Chasing An Illusion by Steven Bennett
A Soldier's Demise by Donald Barber
A Life to Remember by Rafael Santillan Jr.
Ordeal and Exile: An Autobiography by Eugene Mitchell
The Death of Peter Pan by Chad Frank
Autobiography of a Former Gang Member by Berly Valladares
My Life and My Awakening by Maurice Washington
Satan Had Me Bound But Jesus Set Me Free by Robert McKee
The Heart of a Lion by Keith Hawkins Jr
Journey to America Through Unseen Hands by Jeffrey Ballah Jr
Omens and Premonitions by Santo Borreo
The Making of Me by Kevin Marinelli
My Bible, My Truth, My Experience by Mark Perry
Me, Me, Me by Scott Kellerer
Memoirs, Music and More: Collected Writings by Andre Stuckey
Memoirs of a Thug by Rhonshawn Jackson
Crime and Gang Prevention by Brandon Rankin
Portrait of a Criminal Mind by David Breaux
Remembering the Grapevine by Joel Barr
Predisposition To Suffering by Mark Brull
The Uphill Struggle by Jeffrey Ray
The Turning Point: From the Country, to the City, to the Penitentiary by Ernest Bowen
The Presence of Evil by Terrance Jones
Enemy of Time
by Jayson Willis
The Cell Block by Mike Enemigo
Bean Pies of Life by James Bonnett
Self: Life: Misery by Jonathan Barnes
A Difficult Journey by Stefan Crisbasan
The Artist by Grady Simmons
The Rez-Dog by Richard Berg III
A Memoir in NC DOC by Corey Greene
Michaels Life Time Memories by Michael Brown
Juvenile Tried as an Adult by
Juvenile Tried as an Adult by Kevin Curley
5339: From Patton-2-Arlington by Ronald Halkmon Jr.
Perkins Ridge by Earl Perkins
Escaping Shirley World by Charles Diorio
A Life Destroyed  by Thomas Curikian Jr.
On the Other Side of Time by Joseph Brackett
From Whence I Came by Barbara Booze
Cupidity is Far From Cupid's Arrow: Memoirs of a Christian Bank Robber by Daniel Guthrie
Beyond a Damaged World by Timothy Bazrowx
Life and Times of 99 by Bobby Turner
Seeking My Potential by Andre Stuckey
Damaged World: Life as an Inhalant Addict by Timothy Bazrowx
Heard It Through the Grapevine by Michael Allen
The Last Taboo: Memoirs of a Non-Contract Sex Offender by Thomas Ford
Journey Into Addiction by Timothy Bazrowx
Dealing with Death on a Daily Basis by Richard Tabler
Through God's Own Gate by Elmer Lockett Sr.
Mi Vida Loca by Kory Saunders
The Memoir of a Street Thug: Reloaded by Mark A. Nixon
Pain on the Face of Love by Tyon Stokes
Confessions of a Junkie by Veric Osgood
Self Defense by Jon Krug
A Short Memoir of an Imprisoned Artist by Curtis Anthony Dye
When a Child is Worth More Than the Worst Mistake He Ever Made by Antonio M. Howard
My Memoir by Tramon Jackson
The Near Death Experience of Kenny Howell by Kenneth B. Howell

Looking Back by DeAndre Williams
The Joey Torrey Story by Joey K. Torrey
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