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Barely Legal Mutant Cyborgs by Lucas Phelps

The Old Barn by John Gerholt

The Easy ABC Book for Kids by Jacob Torres

Lonely Bear by Harry Page

Felton's Sex Life Part A, Part BPart C by Felton Matthews Jr

by Vincent Frazier

Goat in the Project by Bruce Carr

Teen Witch Coven Yearbook 2017-18 Part 1
and Part 2 by Felton Matthews Jr.

The Gerholt Kids in The Big Race by John Gerholt

Guss the Acoustic Guitar and their Friends Sing their ABCs Coloring Book
by Frederick Martinez

Macbeth 3000 by Isaac Phillips

Half-Breed by Coby Thorne

The Comic Wit and Art of Richard Adkins Jr

Joker's Hand by Terrance Goode

Teen Witch 2017 by Felton Matthews

Joker's Hand by Terrance Goode

Lochridges's Prison Adventures by Michele Lochridge

Artic Icily by Lance Braham

Manually Learning ABCs by Willie Worley Jr.

Half-Breed by Coby Thorne

June Bug Out by Robert Richter

May Piss You Off by Robert Richter

Sticks and Stones by Ashann-Ra

April All Out Alien Assault
by Robert Richter

Autobio of Love 1 and 2 by Felton Matthews

What the Hell is That Title? by Robert Richter

February Physics by Robert Richter

Adult Comics and Short Stories by William Carnell

The Frazier Sanction by Felton Matthews

More Teen Witch Coven by Felton Matthews Jr.

Death Comix by Robert Richter

Simply Comical Physics by Robert Richter

 The Linear Book of Annoying Physicsby Robert Richter

How Physics Became a Religion by Robert Richter

The Complete Graphic New Model of Physics by Robert Richter

Ninjitsu Blood by Floyd Walker

Crime Lurks Like That by Leslie Roberts

One Day I Looked Around by Steven Almeida

Teen Witch Coven 2 by Felton Matthews

Fleeb and Grak: A Bad Day by David Lee

Teen Witch Coven by Felton Matthews

Teaser Comics by Felton Matthews

The Imperium Chronicles by Felton Matthews

Lil Mikey Strong by A. D. McCoy

Tragedy of the Headless Whore-Master by Lesley Roberts

Charley Bear's Newest Nursery Rhymes by Charley C. Murphy Jr.

Charley Bear's New Nursery Rhymes by Charley C. McMurtry Jr.

The Adventures of Push-On Turtle and the Fireflies by Mike Evans

New Adventures of Friendship with PushOn Turtle by Mike Evans

Turtle by Mike Evans


Turtle by Mike Evans
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